About A Positive Death UK

This blog has been set up as a way of informing those in the UK who are interested in the Death Positive Moment.

The movement has been growing in the US and other countries for a while and whilst researching what I would do at the end of my days, I came across Order of the Good Death Death Positive Beliefs

 Article on the three awesome ladies who founded the Death Positive Movement

The thing with dying is that for many years we have been told that it’s not sterile and that we shouldn’t be preparing our loved ones for their final journey. I wasn’t brave enough to introduce my new learning with the recent passing of my father, I wanted to wash him down, but found I was unable to. I did however, take finger and palm prints when we went to see him in the Chapel of Rest.

I was originally a person who wanted to be cremated, now after watching Caitlin Doughty on YouTube ( Ask A Mortician ) I decided, I would rather be wrapped in a shroud and buried in the ground to feed the ground as it has fed me. A concept that has been lost over years of hard selling funeral plans.

TalkDeath is a Death Positive blog/community based in Canada.

So this is my bit for the Death Positive Community. Hopefully a place where those in the UK can come and read up or even ask advice.